To create this online store, many people and customers help us thats why we thank them. And of course forgiveness to everyone we forgot!


Florent Schrot

Computer, network web administration

Emeline Bizot

Communuty manager and web design

Hans Altmaier

Communuty manager Deutschnland

Sandia Bir

Financial administration

Marlène Otto

Financial administration

Sylvain Schutz

Computer, network and web administration 

Murielle Pignolet

 Community manager and web design

Didier Eymin

Community manager and Technical adviser

Ernest Moench

Foundation and director executive

Hélène Moench

Community manager 

Claude Krieg

Communication and web design

Julien Krieg

Communication and web design

Jean Michel Mauffray

Community manager and vidéo producer

Julien Moench

Community manager and web design

Jordan Weber

Technical adviser in training

Isabelle et Daniel Moench

The co-working ! ;-)